The ClarityPro Membership Programme

The ClarityPro Membership Programme is designed to give you everything you need to:

  • Share the principles with anybody, on any topic and in any situation
  • Find your unique voice and develop your ability to share this understanding in a way that changes lives


Why have we created the ClarityPro Membership Programme?

At Clarity Academy, our mission is to inspire and educate a generation to experience lives of clarity, resilience and wellbeing.

And while hundreds of thousands of people are now exploring (and having realisations about) the inside-out nature of life, there are far fewer people who are actively sharing this understanding with others

We believe the world needs more people who have realised this for themselves, and can share the inside-out understanding with others.

The ClarityPro Membership Programme is part of our contribution to addressing that need; an affordable, accessible programme giving you everything you need to see the principles more deeply for yourself, share the principles with others and change lives in the process.


Investment: £395 / year (approx $520 USD) + VAT in UK/Europe

This price is due to increase in the future, but your annual rate will be fixed at £395 for as long as you're a member when you join ClarityPro today.


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ClarityPro Membership Programme

£395.00 GBP every year