Easy Enrolment - Self-Study Programme

The Simple Way to Sign Up Coaching and Therapy Clients - Self-Study Programme

 Do you want to let go of stress, pressure and anxiety, and learn how to have enrolment conversations that feel great, and get you paying clients?

In this brief but powerful video programme, #1 bestselling author, coach and trainer Jamie Smart is going to share the secrets he's used to grow his coaching and training practice exponentially, and taught countless other coaches, therapists and transformation professionals how to do the same. You're going to get instant access to...

  • 4 Video Modules, with 23 simple video-lessons (approx 2-3 minutes per lesson)
  • The 8 mindsets you need to fall in love with selling
  • The magic structure for having enrolment conversations that feel amazing to you and your client
  • The Clarity Impact Model (aka The New Client Navigator)
  • 5 bonuses (including the live coaching video, diagrams and mind-programming audio)

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Easy Enrolment: The Simple Way to Sign Up Coaching & Therapy Clients

Are you ready to say goodbye to pressure, and start having conversations that feel great and get you paying clients? You're about to realise just how fun and simple it can be to make a healthy living. You'll get instant access to the materials and all the bonuses  when you get Easy Enrolment: The Simple Way to Sign Up Coaching & Therapy Clients now.

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