Clip from audience session

Liane (a coach in the audience) asks what Jamie does if he has a client who is 'really resistant'. Jamie explains that while Andy is very receptive, he may not be quite as open at this point as he appears.


Clip from client session (caution: explicit language)

Earlier in this session, Jamie was talking to Andy about the "intelligent energy behind life" when Andy says, "But life isn't always benign, is it?" This is quite a typical 'objection' people often have when they're first introduced to the principles behind clarity. Watch the video to hear Jamie's unexpected response (warning: contains explicit language).



Before the Intensive: INTAKE

1. Welcome: Meet your coach


In the welcome video, Sunday Times best-selling author Jamie Smart explains how to get the most from this programme, and shows you exactly what you stand to gain from getting a reference experience of a £30,000 transformation.


2. Intake: Meet the client


Jamie and Andy do a pre-intensive intake session via Zoom to get clear on Andy's objectives for the intensive. The client, Andy, is a lawyer working for a large organisation, and he’s ready to make some big changes.  Jamie usually charges £30,000 + VAT for a 1:1 Coaching Intensive, but the client agreed that he’d get his 1:1 Intensive at the massively reduced rate of £4,000 + VAT, as long as it could be observed and recorded.



Intensive Day 1: CONNECTION

Meet the audience


Jamie meets the live audience of coaches, therapists, change-workers and business people for the first time and prepares them to get maximum benefit from the next 3 days.


Intensive Session 1: Setting the direction


The relationship between coach and client is everything when it comes to facilitating transformation.  Here Jamie puts the client at ease, establishes rapport and finds out about his world. He also manages expectations, agrees outcomes and evidence, and introduces the principles behind Clarity.


Audience Q&A: The role of silence 


Jamie answers questions on where client transformation comes from, the role of silence (and knowing when to break it), knowing what questions to ask and the significance of the words your client uses. Also where to finish a session and the role of sleep between sessions. 


Intensive Session 2: The search for purpose


Many people’s life choices are hampered by a misunderstanding about what purpose and direction actually are and where they come from. Jamie explores with Andy the domains of  purpose, direction and orientation. Where does experience really come from and what does that mean for our experience of deadlines, expectations and pressure?


Audience Q&A: Keeping your bearings


What to do and where to go in your client sessions. Jamie covers The Clarity Impact Model, the importance of allowing time for your client to reflect, how to handle ‘resistant’ clients, and finding and keeping your bearings when things get “choppy”.


Intensive Session 3: Your true identity


Jamie and Andy explore true identity, finding your natural rhythm and additive vs subtractive approaches to personal development. What are the implications when it comes to inspiration, hard work and grinding it out?


Audience Q&A: Testing your guesses


Calibration, 'speaking the moment' and 'testing your guesses'.  Also, how do you avoid getting drawn into the clients story?  Breath, constriction and armouring - anything worth using in this?


Audience reflections: Listening behind the mask


The audience share their insights and realisations from day 1: Getting quiet with your client. Listening (and speaking) behind the mask. Making it easy for clients to drop their guard. Soul connection and rapport with true self. The true sense of education: to lead out from within.  The absence of judgment and insecurity as a context for facilitating insight.

Intensive Day 2: IMPACT

Intensive Session 4: Resources 


Jamie introduces an audio recording for Andy and he to listen to. (A free bonus transcript of this audio is included in the programme.)


Audience Q&A: Intuition and impact


Jamie answers audience questions: How do you know how your client is feeling? What role do intuitions and other ‘non-thinking’ feelings play? How do you ensure have a big impact in a 3 day intensive?  Audience members also share their realisations about the simplicity of the approach: less is more.


Intensive Session 5: You’re built for reality


Checking where your client is at is an essential part of facilitating transformation. Your client could be in a different world at any moment and you need to be responding to that. In this first session of day two, Jamie finds out what's looking different for Andy.


Audience Q&A: Navigating by feeling


Jamie answers questions on navigating by feeling and the experience of connection.  He also talks about how to structure a 3-day intensive, and building your practice around what you enjoy and the way you like working.


Intensive Session 6: Living ‘from the inside out’


What does 'living from the inside out' mean for Andy? Jamie explores with Andy the idea of the mind as a self-clearing system, what do ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ really mean, oneness vs duality, creating results in the real world, finding your bearings when off-track, 'employee DNA' and doing what makes sense to you. 


Audience Q&A: Intellect vs wisdom


Jamie discusses why and how the client’s mind clears, the power of knowing you DON’T know what your client should do, and letting the principles do the work. He answers questions on whether it's easier to work with ‘spiritual’ people than with ‘corporate’ people, and are some people less insightful than others? On practice-building he discusses when to do a 3-day intensive vs other approaches, how to price your intensive and when to say ‘no’.


Audience reflections: Going there first


The audience reflects on day two. They discuss the only two challenges your client has. What it means to go there first (and why it matters). And what do you do if you don’t see your client as being full of potential and possibility?



Intensive Session 7: Slowing down


Intensive session 7: Slowing down

On slowing down and reducing time pressure, discerning true from false, and what feelings can be relied on for.  Also thinking that doesn’t look like thinking, the various roles we play, and spiritual energy, flow states and high performance.


Audience Q&A: Reviewing the process so far


The audience feed back on what they’ve witnessed so far: The magnetic power of being yourself, the path to your and your client’s evolution and the evolutionary power of paradigms.


Intensive Session 8: The power of principles


Jamie and Andy review the outcomes from day one in light of Andy's realisations over the past two days. They explore the domains of  wisdom, intuition and common sense, the power of principles and implication-based learning. Also Andy's changes in priority, a fresh perspective on decision-making  and setting rational objectives.


Audience Q&A: Your ultimate leverage point


Jamie and the audience discuss the polycontextual Clarity Impact Model and the profound difference between giving your client fish vs teaching them to fish.


Intensive session 9: Andy realises he can’t be a victim of circumstance


Andy realises he can’t be a victim of circumstance and what it means to be 'psychologically safe'. He also explores what it means to have a jump in your level of consciousness, the power of embodied understanding, the intelligence of the universe and the power of aligning with reality when it comes to thinking clearly about the future and dealing with fear of financial insecurity. They explore the illusion of quality and what creates it, and mistakes of attribution (a.k.a being a 'shit Sherlock')


Audience Q&A: Enroling clients on intensives


Jamie’s step by step approach to enrolling a £30,000 client. Also tracking the depth of connection and how to get back on track when you lose connection, how to know what the next step is, and what to do when you don’t know what to do.


Intensive session 10: Moving forwards


Find out where Andy is at the close of the intensive. Discover the role of future-pacing, planning and goals, support and next steps in Jamie's approach. 

Jamie and Andy cover: why resilience, wisdom and insight are always with you, why the future is nothing to fear, the unexpected key to happiness, embodying what you’re learning, your automatic learning curve, the world as your adventure playground, moving forward and next steps.

After the Intensive: FOLLOW-UP

1:1 Follow-up call 1


We check-in with Andy one week after his 1:1 Coaching Intensive. At this point, Andy has a couple of questions as he 'finds his feet' with his new understanding.

1:1 Follow-up call 2


We check-in with Andy two week after his 1:1 Coaching Intensive. At this point, his new understanding is becoming his 'new normal'.

1:1 Follow-up call 3


We check-in with Andy one month after his 1:1 Coaching Intensive. This session finds Andy fully embodying his new understanding, and with no questions.

One-year later:  Follow-up


The final follow-up was a live Q&A Session where Andy and I answered questions from an audience of over 100 people about the intensive. One of the most interesting questions was when one audience member asked Andy if his Intensive would have been worth it if he'd have paid full price for it (£30,000). As you can imagine, I was *very* interested to hear Andy's answer, so I encouraged him to be completely honest. You may be surprised at his reply! 

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